Printer drum samsung scx-4824/4828

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Printer drum samsung SCX-4824/4828, MLT-D209L
1. printer drum samsung SCX-4824/4828, MLT-D209L or Blue OEM color
3.opc with black or white gear
4.drum can be refilled for 2-3 times
e-mail/MSN:[email protected]
We are a gold and trusted manufacture of toner chip (laser chip, reset chip, printer chip, toner cartridge chip, compatible chip) and a reseller of OPC drum, printer drum, Our website: We have some OPC drum as follows:
OPC drum for HP
printer drum Hp 06F-- Hp 5l/5ml/lj6L/6Lpro/6Lgold/6Lse/6LXI/6Pse/6PSI;
printer drum Hp LJ1100/1100A/3100/3150/3150Se/Xi/3200/Se/M
printer drum hp15A-- HP LJ 1000/1005/1200/1220,3300/3310/3320/3330/3380
OPC drum hp 96A-- HP LJ 2100/N/TN/SE/XI; 2200/Dose/DT/DEN/DEN
printer drum hp 27X-- HP LJ 4000/N/T/TN,4050/N/T/TN/se
OPC drum hp 03F--HP LJ 5P/5MP/6P/6MP
printer drum hp 74A-- HP LJ 4L/4ML/4P/4MP/FX2
printer drum hp 98A-- HP LJ 4/4M/4+/5/5N/5M
OPC drum hp 75A--HP LJ ⅡP/ⅡP Plus/ⅢP/ⅢP MAC
printer drum hp 95A-- HP LJ Ⅱ/ⅡD/Ⅲ/ⅢD
printer drum hp 61X-- HP LJ 4100/N/TN/TEN
OPC drum hp 29X--HP LJ 850/5000/N/GN/TN/DTN,5100
printer drum hp 82X-- Hp lj 8100/n/dn/8150/N/DN/HN/MFP;Mopier 320
OPC drum hp 09A--HP LJ 5Si/5SiMX/5Si Mopier/5Si NX,HP-LJ8000/Mopier 240/WX
OPC drum refilled hp 00A-- HP LJ 4V/4MV
OPC drum refilled hp NX-- HP LJ3Si/4Si;
OPC drum refilled hp24A-- HP LJ 1150
OPC drum hp 13A-- HP LJ 1300/N/Se
OPC drum refilled hp 38A--HP LJ4200/N/TN/DEN/DENS/4250         
OPC drum hp 39A--HP LJ4300/N/TN/DEN/DENS/4345/4350